I’ve done you a video for you to look at.

I’m sorry about the quality of this, my laptops webcam is horrible.



2 thoughts on “Appeal.

  1. Hi Maddy! I’ve just seen this on my feed and I have thought of a challenge actually! I think for a week you should only cross the road at designated pedestrian crosses. I think it’s a good challenge because every year hundreds of people die because of crossing busy roads without using the allocated lights crossings or zebra line crossings.

    SO I challenge you to only cross roads at designated crossings for a week. That means, for example, that when you are crossing from campus to library you can only cross at the zebra line points. If you were going to Stoke station you could only cross at the pedestrian crossing directly outside. For roads where there are neither zebra lines or green man lights, you have to cross where the kerb has been lowered on the pavement for pedestrians with prams etc. OR if there isn’t even that option you need to walk to the end of the road and cross there.

    Not sure if that makes sense. Hopefully it does.

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