Love the bubbles.

This week is no fizzy drinks, and I’m going to be the first to admit I’ve struggled with this one as well.

In fairness, I haven’t drunk any coke, which is the one thing I really needed to give up, I live off it.

I went home for Easter this week, and I forgot that a major part of going home was drinking, and man, the alcohol I drink sure is fizzy!

Strongbow is definitely my drink of choice at the moment, although there are nicer ciders... Also, I want to recreate this picture. (Image from Flickr)

Once I had some of this, I couldn’t stop myself, white wine, NO, white wine with lemonade please! God, I’m awful. I hope no one tries to use me as an excellent example for something.

So, I’ve failed you for the second week running.

I’m also running thin on ideas, I mean, I have no chocolate, and no cheese, which I could easily do. Maybe, but I’m not sure if I want to. I have deadlines coming up, I need all the comforts I can get my hands on.

You don’t want me to have a nervous breakdown because I can’t eat cheese, do you?


I’m sorry! I’m a bit of a let down, I was doing so well previous to last week… Slowly going off the rails…


5 thoughts on “Love the bubbles.

  1. Coke is the one, such a tricky one to give up. You can easily sit there and think, man i could do with a nice cold bottle of full fat red coke…

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