Firstly, I’d like to show you what I logged back into Facebook on Monday to find…

so much love!

That was amazing, I wasn’t expecting so much to be there when I got back from my week off!

I’m very happy to be back on Facebook and Twitter – don’t think I’m gonna be giving them up again any time soon!

Well, as you know this week I’m trying to spend less than a fiver a day.

I thought a fiver was a lot of money, it’s really not. To a lot of people I’ve spoken to it is, and they’re like ‘you spend a fiver a day?!

Sometimes I do.

Monday was an exception, I spent absolutely no money, I was happy with myself.

Yesterday though, I had 41p left. And the can of coke I bought went missing and I had no coke.


This week hasn’t been too interesting so far, tomorrow though I am taking part in a sport relief challenge!

The managers of OMG (which includes me) are cycling the distance between Staffs Uni and the Olympic stadium in London.

You can donate here :) anything you can offer would be brilliant as it’s for a great cause!

There will be photos.


2 thoughts on “Spending.

  1. Haha as trivial as it sounds, I wouldn’t have been able to go a week without social networking! And please don’t get me started on only spending a fiver a day!
    keep up the good work, your relaxed style of writing really brightens up my day. :D xx

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