This week I gave you a snazzy poll to do, that was nice, wasn’t it?

The choices I gave you were;

1. No fizzy drinks

2. Spend less than a fiver a day

3. Buy / eat non-branded food

4. No chocolate

5. No eating out / takeaways

I can give you a percentage this week, this is all very technical and I’m quite excited by it. I will probably be using the poll again.

The winner, with an outstanding 55.56% was….. Spending less than a fiver a day! (Okay not much of a surprise…)

One of these each day for a week. £35 in total. Let's go let's go.

So, can I do it? I reckon I can do it, I haven’t been on social networking sites for nearly a week, I’m pretty sure I can do this. I’ll be attempting to upload a video each day, showing you what I’ve spent my fiver for that day on, and what I wish I could have spent it on.

I’m so excited to get back on Facebook.. not long to go now weee!

Stay Tuned, this could be an interesting week…


2 thoughts on “Dollar.

  1. I couldn’t manage it, being a student there’s always temptations of fast food and cheeky treats about the place.

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