Luck of the Irish.

If that statement is true, then where the fuck is my luck?!

Okay, I’m not Irish, but it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I should get some luck, surely?

Obviously not.

Felt fine this morning, aside from being a little bit sick from the medicine the doctor gave me yesterday, so I went about my business little knowing that all hell was breaking loose inside me.

Went to Harvester with Ross and his dad, which was lovely, felt fine.

Went to work thinking, hmm I don’t feel very good.

It was not very good.

Got sent home from work after less than two hours (most of which I spent in the toilet being sick – yum)

So, I’ve spent my day split between feeling sorry for myself, and having my head down a toilet. Nice.

I did get given this at work though.

Yeah, you should be jealous. (It’s a T-shirt)

In other good news, Southampton goal machine Rickie Lambert scored a hat trick for the mighty saints, keeping us at the top of the table.

But that’s about it on the good news front.

To cheer me up, you should vote in this poll for what I should do next week!

I can’t wait to be back on Twitter, I hope you’ve been missing me…


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